Sunday, November 14, 2010


Alexis and Dean began taking Tae-Kwan-Do this week. Dean wanted to find something that they could do together. Saturday morning was their first class and they were both looking forward to going. I thought Alexis looked so cute in her little outfit. I wasn't able to go and watch because Emily was napping but I am really hoping to see them in action. Alexis came home and was anxious to show me all of her moves. She was showing me her jabs and her kicks. After only one class, I was pretty impressed with what she already learned. Dean came home and I was impressed he could still walk. He's not the most flexible person that I know and I know how sore I get after using muscles that I haven't used in a while. Seems like he did pretty well as well. His instructor even said that he was pretty flexible. I have to admit that I wasn't able to keep a straight face after hearing this. They are anxiously awaiting their next class next week.

Alexis showing some of her moves before class
on Saturday morning.

Halloween 2010

Emily was a little bumble bee this year however
she really didn't want to wear her hood.

Alexis was the "purple witch"! I didn't even know
there was such a thing. This was the only picture
we could get of the two of them. Emily just
won't sit still anymore.

This is Alexis's stash! Wow is all I have to say.
She's sure to have candy at least until next

Alexis and Tyler(neighbor) on their way to get
some goodies.

The kids had a great time this year for Halloween. The weather worked out for another year. I've heard stories from Dean about trick-or-treating in knee deep snow. We just had to wear sweatshirts. I couldn't ask for much more at the end of October. Emily made it around with us for a little while before her little hands became little ice bricks. I dropped her off and then continued with the other two kids. I was happy with Alexis's selection as I've been eating more of the candy than she has been eating. Maybe that's because I only let her have 1-2 pieces a day. I'm usually not that big of a candy eater but if it's in the house I'm likely to eat it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Zoo Trip

Alexis and our neighbor's son Tyler are pretty much inseparable. From the early morning to the evening they are usually together. We took a trip to the zoo a few weeks ago and here are a few pictures of them at the Dinosaur exhibit.

Wow what a big mouth this is???

Alexis and Tyler got to ride a camel. She really
enjoyed herself. I joked with her and told her that
she smelled like a camel.

Alexis and her "self portrait".

Alexis's 1st day of Kindergarten

It's hard to believe it but Alexis has started Kindergarten and she LOVES it!!!!! She's been going now for about a month and fits right in. She loves her teacher and wants to take something to her daily. Yesterday she wanted to take her an apple. I thought that was only in books and movies. Everyday I see her it's kind of bitter sweet to see how fast she's growing up.

Alexis and her new school outfit. She loves the
camera just like her sister.

Best buddies Alexis and Andrew waiting at the
bus stop.

Dropping Alexis off at school for her first day. This
year she's not able to get bussing because we live
too close. She's hoping that next year she'll be
able to ride.

And off she goes all by herself. I even asked her if
she wanted me to walk her up. She said, "No mommy
I can do it by myself". I must admit that I had
tears in my eyes as I was pulling away from the

Summer Happenings

Well I know it's been quite a while but I've finally downloaded several pictures from the summer. We had a great summer but it went by soooooo fast. Now we are already in fall and I can't quite believe it. Here are a few of the pictures from the summer.

Emily is thoroughly enjoying her lunch! Good to
the last drop!!!


As most of you have seen, it was difficult to get
the kids all together. At least Miles and Naomi
know what camera to look at.

Emily had a blast opening her birthday presents.
She seemed to like the paper more than the
presents like most 1 year olds.

Emily was not a big fan of the birthday hat. It just
so happened that the strap snapped just as I was
putting it around her chin. Wasn't sure if she
got snapped or not.

We celebrated 3 birthdays at the end of July.
My father in law has a birthday on the 29th and
Emily and I share the 30th.

Emily is quite the ham. She loves the camera.

Papa and Nana were able to spend some time
up north with us this summer. The girls got to
spend some quality time with them both.

Nana was able to stay the month of July and really
was able to get to know Emily. The girls had a

4th of July celebration. 2nd cousins Brayden and
Zac, Alexis and Emily, and cousins Andrew and
Niko. Believe it or not we did not plan the color
scheme. Pretty impressive huh???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recent Events

Well another month or so has passed so I guess it's time for me to post another blog. I think I have started out the last few blogs indicating that I would be better at updating my blog. As we can all see, I have not kept my word. I don't know what it is but I always find it hard to sit down and get anything done. Anyway......what's new in Titasville. Well Alexis is doing well. She's ready to start the summer swimming season with a bang. No more swimmies and even swimming with her head under water. Such a big girl. She's really into polly pockets now. We were lucky enough to come into about 100 dolls with clothes from a co-worker of mine who was getting rid of them. These have been toy of choice for many weeks now. We have to make sure that Alexis is good at picking up all the small pieces since Emily is quickly putting everything in her mouth.
In a few weeks, Alexis will be starting Safety Town which she is so excited for. She feels like such a big girl and is always talking about kindergarten. She is continually asking how much longer until she gets to ride the school bus. My little girl is growing up too fast.
As for Emily, she has been rapidy growing and doing new things every week. Currently she is crawling.....more quickly everyday. She has even made it up the stairs without my knowledge. I found this out by making the mistake of having Alexis keep an eye on Emily while I went to change clothes. Wouldn't you know, Alexis got side tracked and Emily found her way upstairs all by herself. Let's just say I know now to take her with me.
Emily is also pulling herself up on furniture and furniture walking around the house. Pretty soon she'll be walking I'm sure. She's about 10 1/2 months now and when looking back at Alexis's book, she was walking by then too. My days of nice relaxing time sitting around a pile of toys is over. We'll be exploring the house and everything else a little more now.
As for Dean and I not much has changed. We're still both working and looking forward to golf season. I was able to get out the first time yesterday after work. It's much harder for both of us to get out together so taking turns is the best way to do it I guess. I just wish I had more girls around to play with.
I guess that about covers it for now. I'll try and get back to writing soon but we all know I'll probably talk to you in a good month or so. Take care!!!!

Updated Pictures

Emily is sure growing fast! Pulling herself up on
everything already.

Mmmmmm Dinner! I think I have more in my hair
than in my mouth.

I'm a natural water baby. I've already been
swimming in the "big" pool.

Alexis spending some time up front in the plane that
Dean used to fly. Maybe a future pilot???

Emily just love the camera. She could be crying, see the
camera and then instantly turn into a big cheesy smile.

Mommy and her little girl at the Columbus zoo.
Alexis was on the boat so we were waiting to wave.

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Pictures of Our Trip to Naples

Emily's first time to the beach. I tried everything
I could to keep a hat on this kid. She did seem
to enjoy herself though.

Alexis always has fun at the beach. What was even
better is that my cousin was in town for Todd's
wedding and his daughter Molly and Alexis got
to spend some fun time together.

This is hat number two. We might be able to keep
this hat on long enough to take this picture. Emily
looks like a little chunk in this picture.

Alexis and Papa drawing pictures of each other.
They had so much fun together.

These four kids had so much fun together at the
rehearsal dinner. My cousins' two daughters and
my cousin Kevin.

Emily is such a ham. She is still pretty clingy
though. Won't go to too many other people still.

Emily was all sprawled out taking an afternoon
nap. I love baby pictures when they're only
in their diapers.

Nana made a fun playroom for Alexis inside the
closet, polly pockets and all. She spent hours in
here playing by herself.

Emily thought she would be funny and pull out
all the books from the bookshelf. Aren't messes
so much fun?

My brother is "Married"

Well my brother is officially hitched. He and his new wife Debbie were married last weekend down in Naples. We had a blast and are so excited for both of them. It was such a special day and can't believe it has come and gone so quickly. Alexis was so excited to be a part of their big day. And she even made it down the aisle without too much trouble. The only thing that I had to get her was a new pair of "Twinkle Toes" shoes. Who knew kids would work for shoes. Anyway here are a few pictures of the ceremony and the party afterward. We wish them both the best and I will be reminding them often how anxious I am to have another niece/nephew. I know stop and let them enjoy themselves for a while. Enjoy the pictures.

I was so proud of Alexis actually making it down
the aisle.

Todd gave me the honor of doing a reading for them.
Don't they look so happy?

All smiles at the reception. Every time I look at
this picture I can't believe my little brother is
old enough to be married.

Spending a little time with the "Newlyweds".

Alexis was a little tuckered out towards the end of
the night. I guess she did a little too much dancing
and had a little too much sugar. Her favorite food
group is "sugar".

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Emily's Christening

Emily at the beginning of the ceremony with her
Nona and Nono. (godparents) She wasn't in too
bad of a mood yet.

Emily usually likes naked time, however she wasn't
sure what she was in for. She soon found out and
didn't like it one bit. Mommy had to step in a try
and calm her before the "bath".

"Mommy what are they doing to me"? She didn't
care for the full submersion.

Alexis was part of the ceremony and got to carry
a candle. She wanted to make sure no one was
going to be watching her though. That was the only
way she said she would help.

I'm really not so sure about this!!!!!!

Now I really want my mommy!!!!!!!

It really is something. Emily has become so
clingy lately that it's mommy or nobody. Let us
just say that she is ready for this to be over and
she wants her mommy.

See......Now I'm all better. I told you that all I
wanted was my mommy. Doesn't she look so
sweet and innocent?

Dean and I with Emily and her new godparents,
Arthur and Eva.

Last weekend we had Emily baptized. The ceremony was beautiful and went very smoothly.
That is other than having Emily scream the entire 45 minutes. Some people say that it's good to have the baby cry during the baptism because it lets the devil out. I say that is great and all but it's tough to just stand there and watch your kid scream and not be able to do anything about it. I think it would have been funny if we passed out ear plugs at the beginning of the ceremony since I could have bet that Emily was not going to like the ceremony at all. For one thing, someone other than mommy has to hold her the entire time. Secondly, I have to get naked, have oil rubbed all over me, get completely dunked in a big bathtub and then put a big gown on. All this without having my mommy hold me. Lets just say that she made it through the ceremony just fine and seemed pretty relieved to be done. The pictures above are a true showing of just how everything panned out.