Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Emily was a little bumble bee this year however
she really didn't want to wear her hood.

Alexis was the "purple witch"! I didn't even know
there was such a thing. This was the only picture
we could get of the two of them. Emily just
won't sit still anymore.

This is Alexis's stash! Wow is all I have to say.
She's sure to have candy at least until next

Alexis and Tyler(neighbor) on their way to get
some goodies.

The kids had a great time this year for Halloween. The weather worked out for another year. I've heard stories from Dean about trick-or-treating in knee deep snow. We just had to wear sweatshirts. I couldn't ask for much more at the end of October. Emily made it around with us for a little while before her little hands became little ice bricks. I dropped her off and then continued with the other two kids. I was happy with Alexis's selection as I've been eating more of the candy than she has been eating. Maybe that's because I only let her have 1-2 pieces a day. I'm usually not that big of a candy eater but if it's in the house I'm likely to eat it.

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