Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy HIalloween a little late!

We had a great weekend this past weekend. Alexis really enjoyed trick or treating. She spends every afternoon dumping out all of her candy, organizing it and then picking out the one piece I allow her to have. I know I'm mean with only allowing one piece but she would eat the entire bag if I didn't stop her. This kid loves candy.
Emily is doing well. She had another check up and has finally gained some weight. She's finally up to 10lbs. 10oz. We've been taking her every two weeks for the past 6 weeks for weigh ins. She was only gaining a few ounces at a time and the doctor was a little worried. She really wasn't eating there for a while. I had to give up nursing completely and switch to all formula so she could bulk up. At least she's gaining and a little more pleasant too. She's starting to really sleep well at night. She goes down around 8-8:30 and usually will only get up to eat once around 4-5. She will usually go back down after eating. I must say that Dean has been such a big help with late night feedings. We have been pretty lucky to have two kids that love to sleep and love their beds. Emily is really becoming more animated too. She is typically smiling whenever you talk to her. She loves her play mat and is starting to play with her rattles too. She still hates her baths though and screams bloody murder throughout the entire two minutes. I try and get her in and out as quickly as possible because that's all my ears can take. Once she's out, she calms right down and is back to smiling again.
Anyway, here are a few of the more recent pictures of the kids. As you can see, Emily is starting to get a little "chunk" in her face and she even has a double chin. Finally:)

Alexis loves her little sister. She's such a little "mom".

We only had to take about 20 pictures to try and get
both looking at the camera and both smiling.

Emily starting to hold her head up a little better.