Monday, April 26, 2010

More Pictures of Our Trip to Naples

Emily's first time to the beach. I tried everything
I could to keep a hat on this kid. She did seem
to enjoy herself though.

Alexis always has fun at the beach. What was even
better is that my cousin was in town for Todd's
wedding and his daughter Molly and Alexis got
to spend some fun time together.

This is hat number two. We might be able to keep
this hat on long enough to take this picture. Emily
looks like a little chunk in this picture.

Alexis and Papa drawing pictures of each other.
They had so much fun together.

These four kids had so much fun together at the
rehearsal dinner. My cousins' two daughters and
my cousin Kevin.

Emily is such a ham. She is still pretty clingy
though. Won't go to too many other people still.

Emily was all sprawled out taking an afternoon
nap. I love baby pictures when they're only
in their diapers.

Nana made a fun playroom for Alexis inside the
closet, polly pockets and all. She spent hours in
here playing by herself.

Emily thought she would be funny and pull out
all the books from the bookshelf. Aren't messes
so much fun?

My brother is "Married"

Well my brother is officially hitched. He and his new wife Debbie were married last weekend down in Naples. We had a blast and are so excited for both of them. It was such a special day and can't believe it has come and gone so quickly. Alexis was so excited to be a part of their big day. And she even made it down the aisle without too much trouble. The only thing that I had to get her was a new pair of "Twinkle Toes" shoes. Who knew kids would work for shoes. Anyway here are a few pictures of the ceremony and the party afterward. We wish them both the best and I will be reminding them often how anxious I am to have another niece/nephew. I know stop and let them enjoy themselves for a while. Enjoy the pictures.

I was so proud of Alexis actually making it down
the aisle.

Todd gave me the honor of doing a reading for them.
Don't they look so happy?

All smiles at the reception. Every time I look at
this picture I can't believe my little brother is
old enough to be married.

Spending a little time with the "Newlyweds".

Alexis was a little tuckered out towards the end of
the night. I guess she did a little too much dancing
and had a little too much sugar. Her favorite food
group is "sugar".