Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Emily's Christening

Emily at the beginning of the ceremony with her
Nona and Nono. (godparents) She wasn't in too
bad of a mood yet.

Emily usually likes naked time, however she wasn't
sure what she was in for. She soon found out and
didn't like it one bit. Mommy had to step in a try
and calm her before the "bath".

"Mommy what are they doing to me"? She didn't
care for the full submersion.

Alexis was part of the ceremony and got to carry
a candle. She wanted to make sure no one was
going to be watching her though. That was the only
way she said she would help.

I'm really not so sure about this!!!!!!

Now I really want my mommy!!!!!!!

It really is something. Emily has become so
clingy lately that it's mommy or nobody. Let us
just say that she is ready for this to be over and
she wants her mommy.

See......Now I'm all better. I told you that all I
wanted was my mommy. Doesn't she look so
sweet and innocent?

Dean and I with Emily and her new godparents,
Arthur and Eva.

Last weekend we had Emily baptized. The ceremony was beautiful and went very smoothly.
That is other than having Emily scream the entire 45 minutes. Some people say that it's good to have the baby cry during the baptism because it lets the devil out. I say that is great and all but it's tough to just stand there and watch your kid scream and not be able to do anything about it. I think it would have been funny if we passed out ear plugs at the beginning of the ceremony since I could have bet that Emily was not going to like the ceremony at all. For one thing, someone other than mommy has to hold her the entire time. Secondly, I have to get naked, have oil rubbed all over me, get completely dunked in a big bathtub and then put a big gown on. All this without having my mommy hold me. Lets just say that she made it through the ceremony just fine and seemed pretty relieved to be done. The pictures above are a true showing of just how everything panned out.

Alexis's Birthday and Random Emily Pictures

Emily just learned to blow raspberries. It just so
happened that she learned with carrots in her
mouth. Just glad I wasn't wearing white.

You mean I'm supposed to swallow this and not
spit it out? That's no fun!!!

Emily being little miss smiley. Alexis actually took
this picture. Not too bad for the little one.

Alexis blowing out her candles. I can't believe she's
already 5. Boo Hoo!

Alexis and her MeeMee. This is pre-haircut. She has
since decided that she no longer wants to grow
out her bangs. This was after mommy told her
that she would have to do her hair everyday.

Sisters. Emily has been sitting up for
about a month now and loves watching
her big sister play. She wants so bad to
play with her too.

Aren't I just so cute????

In the past few months, we have been doing well. Looking forward to the weather breaking so the kids can get outside and expel some of this energy. Emily is growing so fast....already 7 months old. She's been doing a little more every week. She's starting to show her personality a little more. She is very clingy lately and I guess you can call her "Mommy's girl". She really won't go to many people other than myself, Dean and the babysitter. I'm not kidding. She screams bloody murder even if her aunts or her yiayia (grandmother)holds her. It's nice and all that she wants me but it really would be nice to have a break once in a while.
Alexis turned 5 a few weeks ago. She has been asking to turn 5 for the past 6 months. When she finally is able to say she is 5, the first thing she asks me is "How much longer till I'm 6 mommy?" I swear this kid wants to be a teenager and driving already. Scary how soon it will come too. She is counting down the days until kindergarten starts and is able to ride the bus to school.