Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We had a fun filled weekend this past weekend. We spent Friday evening at "Boo at the Zoo". This was the first time I had been. Other than it being cold, we had a great time. It was neat to see all the animals awake and moving around. We even heard the lion roar. On Sunday, we went up to the pumpkin patch for our annual day of fun. They have inflatables and a hay ride. They have a straw maze for the kids to run through. Needless to say, by Sunday night I was ready for bed. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

Alexis and Tyler (our next door neighbor)


The cousins not cooperating for the camera

Is this Cookie Monster????

I want some cookies!!!

Taking a ride on the back of a wolf.

Sorry but I had to put this one in. It happened just
as I snapped the picture. You should have heard all
the parents.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From One to Three

Dean and I became parents of 3 children this weekend when we watched our nephews overnight. It sure is eye opening how different times are when there are three children to watch over. Alexis and Andrew played together all day and did pretty well. We didn't even have to break up any arguments, which are far too many these days. Nicholas is only one so he needed a little more attention. We tried to stay busy outside since the weather was nice this weekend and I knew the kids would get more tired out so naps would be a cinch. The kids cooperated and went down for naps pretty easily and Dean and I even got to catch some of the Ohio State game uninterrupted (although there wasn't much to watch that was exciting). Bedtime came and went pretty smoothly as well. I think we were all in bed and asleep by ten. It's amazing how much of your day is consumed with more than one child. I don't think I even got anything done around the house. Oh well, we had a blast and enjoyed our time together. We'd be happy to watch them again. But I can be sure that those parents with twins or more really do have their hands full.