Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pictures of Our Trip to Naples

Alexis enjoying the pool at a friends house while
in Naples.

Alexis and cousin Kevin giving each other hugs.

Alexis becoming a dj as early as she can.

Alexis and Papa doing some grocery shopping while playing
with Casey (the dog).

Say Cheese!!!!

Todd and Alexis spending some quality time together.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Florida Trip

So Alexis, Dean and I made a trip down to Naples this past weekend to see Nana and Papa and Uncle Todd. We had a great time; too quick of course. We went to the beach and went swimming in the pool. Alexis was getting very brave by the end of the weekend jumping in the water almost by herself. I really need to pay attention because I turn around and she's ready to go again. Swimmies have been working well for us thus far. I remember last year at this time. Alexis would wear the swimmies on her arms and her face would just fall forward in the water. I think she's starting to get this whole "swimming" thing. I've beem debating on whether or not to start swim lessons with her. If not this year, maybe next. The airplane trip wasn't "too" bad. On the way down, Alexis had her own seat which made traveling a little easier. I didn't realize how quickly you can go through 10 different new activities. Here I'm trying to be a good mom and entertain my daughter with new coloring books and stickers and all she wants to play with is the vomit bag. I really wanted to pull my hair out. It was nice to share the duties with Dean though because on the way back, Alexis and I had to share a seat in the middle in a row that doesn't recline because of an exit row. We were between two women that didn't seem too thrilled to be next to a child. Sometimes I wonder what these people expect you to do with a toddler in such a confined space. Anyway, we ended up making our way back to Cleveland and back to work today. We had a great time and look forward to visiting Nana and Papa again soon.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Visits

Alexis and Naomi are actually playing together a
little without Alexis stealing all Naomi's toys.

Ever since Easter, Alexis has a thing for eggs.
Whenever she sees them, she thinks there will
always be candy inside.

I was shocked to find another child who likes to
eat Chap Stick as much as Alexis. Yes she does
eat Chap Stick. What kind of mother am I?

This weekend Alexis and I took a trip down to Columbus to visit Natalie and Naomi. We also stopped by the softball field and watched Ohio State win the Big Ten. WOW!!! They really have a good team this year. Exciting to watch. We were able to see lots of friends there too. She got to play with Vanna (Pat and Natalie's) and Bryce (B's son). Alexis and Naomi seemed to have a good time together. I always feel badly when Alexis "plays" with other kids becuase she spends half of the time telling them the toys are hers even though they're not. She hoards the toys too even though she doesn't want to play with them. At least there wasn't any shoving or pushing. She does have a few pounds and inches on Naomi. Needless to say, we had a great trip and enjoyed seeing everyone. It really makes me wish we all lived closer and could see each other more often.
We definitely have to make some plans to try and get everyone together one weekend (with or without kids)