Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Zoo Trip

Alexis and our neighbor's son Tyler are pretty much inseparable. From the early morning to the evening they are usually together. We took a trip to the zoo a few weeks ago and here are a few pictures of them at the Dinosaur exhibit.

Wow what a big mouth this is???

Alexis and Tyler got to ride a camel. She really
enjoyed herself. I joked with her and told her that
she smelled like a camel.

Alexis and her "self portrait".

Alexis's 1st day of Kindergarten

It's hard to believe it but Alexis has started Kindergarten and she LOVES it!!!!! She's been going now for about a month and fits right in. She loves her teacher and wants to take something to her daily. Yesterday she wanted to take her an apple. I thought that was only in books and movies. Everyday I see her it's kind of bitter sweet to see how fast she's growing up.

Alexis and her new school outfit. She loves the
camera just like her sister.

Best buddies Alexis and Andrew waiting at the
bus stop.

Dropping Alexis off at school for her first day. This
year she's not able to get bussing because we live
too close. She's hoping that next year she'll be
able to ride.

And off she goes all by herself. I even asked her if
she wanted me to walk her up. She said, "No mommy
I can do it by myself". I must admit that I had
tears in my eyes as I was pulling away from the

Summer Happenings

Well I know it's been quite a while but I've finally downloaded several pictures from the summer. We had a great summer but it went by soooooo fast. Now we are already in fall and I can't quite believe it. Here are a few of the pictures from the summer.

Emily is thoroughly enjoying her lunch! Good to
the last drop!!!


As most of you have seen, it was difficult to get
the kids all together. At least Miles and Naomi
know what camera to look at.

Emily had a blast opening her birthday presents.
She seemed to like the paper more than the
presents like most 1 year olds.

Emily was not a big fan of the birthday hat. It just
so happened that the strap snapped just as I was
putting it around her chin. Wasn't sure if she
got snapped or not.

We celebrated 3 birthdays at the end of July.
My father in law has a birthday on the 29th and
Emily and I share the 30th.

Emily is quite the ham. She loves the camera.

Papa and Nana were able to spend some time
up north with us this summer. The girls got to
spend some quality time with them both.

Nana was able to stay the month of July and really
was able to get to know Emily. The girls had a

4th of July celebration. 2nd cousins Brayden and
Zac, Alexis and Emily, and cousins Andrew and
Niko. Believe it or not we did not plan the color
scheme. Pretty impressive huh???