Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Alexis and Emily in front of the tree. Don't worry,
I didn't make Emily wear the hat in public.

Alexis finally sitting on Santa's lap.

All of the cousins singing Christmas carols waiting
for Santa to come.

Wow look at those big eyes!!! Are you looking at me?

This was by far Alexis's favorite present....from Nana.
She sits on her horse "Chocolate" daily and can even
feed it. The best part is is that it doesn't poop!!!

Mommy and Alexis waiting to open the goods.

Emily was even getting into the fun of opening presents.

Merry Christmas to all!!! We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you all did too. It's amazing how quickly this day comes and goes especially after a whole month or two of planning.
We didn't have a white Christmas but the snow did end up coming, only a few days later. Alexis was so much fun to watch this year with opening her gifts to actually sitting on Santa's lap this year. Oh how kids change so much in just a year. Last year she enjoyed Santa from afar but this year "no fear". Here are a few pictures of our Christmas celebration.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

This is Emily with my sister-in-law to be Debbie.
She's not as cooperative with taking pictures lately.

Emily chillin while Alexis rides all the rides at Disney.
We all had such a blast.

Getting ready to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.
Alexis was a champ riding all of the rides in the park
except for Space Mountain.

Daddy and Alexis in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom.

This is the only picture we took with any of the characters.
They are nearly impossible to track down around the
park and the lines for pictures are longer than the lines for
the rides.

We made our way down to Naples the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a nice long visit with Nana and Papa. While down south, we spent a day at Disney.......Alexis's first. She had such a blast. She was a real trooper wanting to go on all the "fast" rides. We were able to take Emily too which was nice and she was even able to ride on most of the rides too. The other days in Naples were spent relaxing and doing Christmas shopping. It was a nice relaxing week, one that went way too quickly.
Uncle Todd and soon to be Aunt Debbie came over for quite a few visits so the kids got to play with them. It's hard to believe that my little brother is going to be getting married next April. It still doesn't seem like he's old enough. It was great visiting with the two of them like always and we look forward to April and the wedding.
The flights down and back were uneventful. The kids really were champs on the plane. They slept both ways so we really couldn't ask for anything more. Once back in Cleveland, we had to get back to reality and work too. Why is it that the work weeks seem to go by so slowly and vacations are over before they even begin.?