Sunday, November 14, 2010


Alexis and Dean began taking Tae-Kwan-Do this week. Dean wanted to find something that they could do together. Saturday morning was their first class and they were both looking forward to going. I thought Alexis looked so cute in her little outfit. I wasn't able to go and watch because Emily was napping but I am really hoping to see them in action. Alexis came home and was anxious to show me all of her moves. She was showing me her jabs and her kicks. After only one class, I was pretty impressed with what she already learned. Dean came home and I was impressed he could still walk. He's not the most flexible person that I know and I know how sore I get after using muscles that I haven't used in a while. Seems like he did pretty well as well. His instructor even said that he was pretty flexible. I have to admit that I wasn't able to keep a straight face after hearing this. They are anxiously awaiting their next class next week.

Alexis showing some of her moves before class
on Saturday morning.

Halloween 2010

Emily was a little bumble bee this year however
she really didn't want to wear her hood.

Alexis was the "purple witch"! I didn't even know
there was such a thing. This was the only picture
we could get of the two of them. Emily just
won't sit still anymore.

This is Alexis's stash! Wow is all I have to say.
She's sure to have candy at least until next

Alexis and Tyler(neighbor) on their way to get
some goodies.

The kids had a great time this year for Halloween. The weather worked out for another year. I've heard stories from Dean about trick-or-treating in knee deep snow. We just had to wear sweatshirts. I couldn't ask for much more at the end of October. Emily made it around with us for a little while before her little hands became little ice bricks. I dropped her off and then continued with the other two kids. I was happy with Alexis's selection as I've been eating more of the candy than she has been eating. Maybe that's because I only let her have 1-2 pieces a day. I'm usually not that big of a candy eater but if it's in the house I'm likely to eat it.