Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Travels

Some of The Robinson Family

Alexis having her favorite sandwich--PB and Nutella

The view from our seats

Alexis catching some shut eye on the ride home.

This weekend Dean, Alexis and I made our way up towards Detroit to meet up with some new friends that we met while on vacation in Michigan this year. On our drive up we were able to visit with some cousins from the Robinson side in Huron, Ohio. They were there on vacation for the week spending some time at the beach. It was great to see everyone and actually get to know their kids a little better. Unfortunately my cousins live all around the country so it's very difficult to get together and catch up. We had a great time and wish we could have spent a little longer with them.
After lunch we jumped back in the car and made our way to "Suburban Detroit" as our friends have so named it. (Bloomfield Hills) We had plans to play golf as soon as we got there and have dinner afterward. (We didn't win the scramble but I did win the longest drive though. HeHe) On Saturday afternoon we headed to the Browns/Lions game. The game sucked because the Browns played like crap but we had great seats. 40 yard line about 20 rows up. The players sure look a lot bigger from that perspective. We had such a great time. I think the best part of the weekend was they had a sitter all lined up to watch the kids and let us enjoy some adult time. I think Alexis was happier to see us go so she could play with her new friends. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update on the Poison Ivy

Well it's been about a week of *#@% since I discovered the rash on my arms and legs. They have now become open weeping sores that don't seem to be getting better. I can honestly say that I have never had poison ivy this bad. I think I've been thru about 2 bottles of calamine lotion and several rolls of gauze and wraps. I was living on Benadryl daily to try and keep the itching at a minimum but it always makes me tired and never with enough energy to do anything. I finally decided it was time to get to the doctor and get some relief. I have been doing some reading online about treatment and how long this agony can last. It seems that steiroids are the only thing that helps get it out of your system. Luckily the doctor thought it was bad enough that he prescribed me two weeks worth of prendizone. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep a little better soon. Some people report that within 24 hours relief is seen but then some say up to a week or two more. If it's going to be another week or two then I may have to take up a job where I can sit in a warm bath with epsom salt or baking soda all day. Well wish me luck on a quick recovery.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kiddie Park

I am a little late at putting these pictures in of our trip to the Kiddie Park but I guess late is better than never. A few weekends ago we made our annual trip down the the Kiddie Park. This is the one where all the rides are for kids 50" or smaller. It is still one of Alexis's favorite places to go. She is getting to be daring these days. She even went on the roller coaster which I was shocked about. This kid has no fear. Boy wouldn't that be nice. I think the older I get the more scared I get about the silliest things. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

I hate weeding!!!

Ok so I really don't like to weed. Besides ironing this is my least favorite chore. When I was a kid I used to just kick the weeds around and make it look as though I had weeded. I don't know if my parents ever caught on. Since I am in my own house now I feel the need to actually pull the weeds out with my hands. Once the last weed is pulled, my back is screaming at me, my knees hurt and both of my hamstrings feel as though they have been wraped around my head. I swear I will go back to the old way of weeding soon and just buy round up.
The point of this story is this past weekend I was weeding the back yard to prepare to put in a flower bed. Well I woke up this morning with what looks like (and feels like) poison ivy all over my arm. Man I have never itched like this before. I feel like those poor kids from the movie "Overboard" who couldn't concentrate or do anything but scratch. I had to leave work early today just because I couldn't stop itching. And to top it off there is really nothing that cures poison ivy except time. Uggghhh!!!! I really think I'll be reverting back to my old way of weeding now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

American Idol???

Ok so I don't normally post pictures of my kid naked in the bath tub but I thought this was too funny. She has become quite the singer lately and a dancer too. I don't think that she gets it from me though. I usually wait until the car is empty before bellowing out the words that I think are being sung. I really don't know where she got the whole "shake your booty" idea.