Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well Christmas and New Year's has come and gone so quickly again. It's always been my favorite time of year and one that always is gone before you know it. Dean, the girls and I spent a nice Christmas here in Cleveland with Dean's family. We spent the morning opening presents and then went over to his parents for a great dinner. The kids had a great Christmas and of course received too many gifts. The next day we started our trip down south to some WARMER weather. We ended up driving this year and actually it wasn't too bad. We left Sunday morning and got to Florida by Monday around 3pm. The 20 hour drive went well as the girls were little angels. I knew that Alexis would be fine with movies, books and other activities but what do you give a 1 year old to do to stay busy for 20 hours in a car seat? Emily was awesome though. She took nice long naps and watched a few movies with Alexis. She read some books and ate. As long as she has food she is fine. Anyway, we made it to Naples and had a great time. Nana and Papa enjoyed some quality time with the girls. They were able to go swimming, head to the beach, visit the manatees and even go to the zoo. Needless to say they stayed very busy.
Dean and I were even able to get a round of golf in too. The week went fast and we really weren't ready to head back to the cold. We hope to get back soon, especially since it has snowed more days than not since we've been back.

Emily and Nana after taking a bath.

Alexis was teaching Nana how to play Angry Birds
on the IPhone. Let's just say she's a tad bit addicted.
Is that bad?

Papa reading Emily a book before getting ready
for bed. Emily LOVES books!

Opening presents at Nana and Papa's house on
Monday. Emily got a new stuffed kitty that
purrs and even walks.

Alexis was all about Toy Story 3 and Legos this
year. I think I enjoyed putting the legos together
as much as she did.

Christmas morning at YiaYia's and Popou's house.
Alexis got a Unicorn pillow pet from MeeMee.

Emily got into opening presents a little more than
last year. Sometimes I think she liked the paper
more than the gifts.

They started the morning out with their stockings.

Alexis sitting on Santa's lap on Christmas Eve.

This was going to be our Christmas Card this year
but I was a little late so I just decided to try again
next year.

A week before Christmas we had Breakfast with
Santa. Alexis you can see was very excited but
Emily wasn't as big a fan. Maybe next year.

Alexis concentrating on making her Christmas

"I Love Pancakes......No wait, I Love FOOD!"

The levy in North Olmsted finally passed about
a month ago and Alexis is now able to ride the
bus to school. 1/10 was her first bus ride to
school. It was a little colder than the typical first
day of school.

Emily all bundled and ready to go out and play in
the snow. She reminds me of the kid from The
Christmas Story. I'm sure she wouldn't be able
to get up if she fell.


Meemee said...

So nice to see a posting from you...and good to see my girls! Give them big kisses from me!!

The Monroes said...

Love it! Sounds like you had a great trip to FL, and I LOVE the picture of Emily with your dad-priceless. Those girls are getting so big, glad to see some recent photos of them (ahem ahem)